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Re: Request for more finely grained classification of packages

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Buda <hermit@clark.net> writes:

>>>>> "Laurent" == Laurent Martelli <martelli@iie.cnam.fr> writes:

  Laurent> I think it'd be really nice to have an external index so
  Laurent> that different people can sort packages in different ways.

  Mark> Given tools that support this kind of classification scheme,
  Mark> it would be comparatively simple to make them look elsewhere
  Mark> for sets of tags that are distributed separately from the
  Mark> packages proper. Any user could distribute sets of tags, or
  Mark> modifications to the packages' tags, that any other user could
  Mark> use if they felt like it. "Hey, Joe Newbie, use Joe
  Mark> Old-timer's package file at http://blah.blah.blah... it's
  Mark> really helpful." "No, use Mr. So-and-so's at
  Mark> http://yadda.yadda.yadda.";

  Mark> And, this would open up a whole new arena for religious
  Mark> debates about which classification scheme is best. That's got
  Mark> to be good.

Anyway, religious wars about classification always happen. So let them
not interfere with what's in the packages. 

Laurent Martelli

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