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Re: Intent to package: devfsd

Not as of yet, I'm afraid... I've been looking at the existing
kernel-patch packages as examples, and have unfortunatly found them to
be a bit confusing.  I'm planning to basically fake it at this point, and
expect to have a useable package available sometime tomorrow or tuesday.

On Sun, Jul 18, 1999 at 12:58:39PM -0400, Elie Rosenblum wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 11, 1999 at 11:36:19AM -0500, Gregory T. Norris wrote:
> > Actually, I've never built a kernel-patch package either... but I should
> > have a fair amount of time available to work on it, so I'm pretty sure I
> > can put it together reasonably fast.  With a little luck I'll be able to
> > start on it tonight - worst case would be tomorrow afternoon.
> Any luck yet?

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