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ITP: bottlerocket

Hi all

Ok I sent this to the wrong adress once...then forwarded it to wnpp manually
so here it is on -devel finnaly (brain must not be working tonight)

Well noone has sent an ITP for this this past month I see..and its not
listed on the WNPP so I am anouncing my intent to packge 

This is yet another X10 interface program. This one works with the new
cm17a interface (the Firecracker) which I just got and works pretty good.

Anyway I should have the package within a few days to a week depending
on how much free time I can scrounge up for packaging and testing.
(preferably when my girlfriend isn't here...I already drove her nuts in
5 mins turing a lamp on and off)

Oh yea and I don't subscribe to -devel so CC: is nice if you have
something important to say/ask 


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