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Re: Modified start-stop-daemon and possible boot logo (was: Translation of init scripts)

On Wed, Jul 14, 1999 at 06:14:00PM -0500, James Curbo did utter:
> On Jul 14, Joseph Carter wrote:
> > On Wed, Jul 14, 1999 at 01:35:51PM -0500, James Curbo wrote:
> Trust me, I wouldn't like to see it done for my own benefit. I would much
> rather have very techincal and textual boot messages, like we have now,
> as the default. But there are plenty of people coming into the Linux (and
> Debian) world who this would appeal to. (read: Windows/Mac users) It's just
> an idea that popped in my head when I reading the start-stop-daemon thread.

If the graphical boot sequence is started through an init script, then it can
be enabled/disabled on a per-runlevel basis, surely?

ie, for myself, I like the RH runlevel definitions, and as such run my system
on runlevel5 with XDM - and as such I'd love a graphical bootup on runlevel5,
but all other runlevels leave me at the console, and as such, I wouldn't want
the graphical boot there.

Seems to me a cross between the informative "traditional" style and the MacOS
style of icon-per-service would fit best. Let's run with my imagination for a
moment shall we?

 * Machine boots and the kernel starts giving it's standard boot information.
   This is textual and [a] not likely to change, and [b] outside the scope of
   this list somewhat
 * Init scripts kick in, with the boot logo occuring as soon as is reasonably
   possible to do so. I'd want my boot-theme to show a few lines of text that
   scroll of the top of the screen into the scrollbuffer (if possible in this
   kind of situation). 4 lines would be plenty for me, with all output logged
   to /var/log/init.log (or something) as well for later reference. 
 * A boot logo and icon area would occupy the rest of the display, in a MacOS
   like manner. Flexibility here will probably attract most attention to boot
 * Once all services are started, the guiboot service closes itself down, and
   the display moves cleanly into XDM (or equivelant).

That's what I would love to see anyways. A few formats for the possible style
of displayed text would be good too. (traditional (same as now), ansi (redhat
style), verbose (good for init.log), and so on. 

I don't know how flexible the kernel framebuffer is, or how "interactive" you
want the boot sequence, but having the logo appear "over" the boot text would
be even more flexible and preferable to me. (still have the few lines of text
so you know what's happening, now at the bottom, and have a hotkey that would
toggle the display of the logo. Maybe that's just wishfull thinking ;)

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