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Modified start-stop-daemon and possible boot logo (was: Translation of init scripts)

On debian-devel, Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote:
> I propose:
> - Make start-stop-daemon comply with the policy of what an init script should
>   output. This may require that its interface be modified some. For example,
>   we will have to pass a description of the daemon being started in to it.
> - Internationalize start-stop-daemon. So the "Starting", "Stopping", etc
>   messages get translated.
> - Internationalize each init script so the text that is passed into
>   start-stop-daemon ("foo bar server", "time waster", "portmap daemon", etc)
>   can be translated. Use Lalo's proposal to do this.
> - Allow start-stop-daemon to be replaced with other utilities if people want
>   to, that output different types of things. Or just modify it to be able to
>   generate some of these types of output. If debian as a whole decided we
>   wanted redhat style colored messages, once we got this far adding them
>   would just require modifying start-stop-daemon, not every init script.

Consider all of the above seconded.

Does point number four mean we can start writing debian bootup themes? I can
not wait for debian-boot.themes.org ;-)

Would a modified start-stop-daemon be a good way of implementing a user space
boot logo?

Have the first thing that runs be a boot logo, maybe in 
/etc/rcS.d/S03boot-logo.sh and then the start messages can appear at the
bottom of the screen.

 |                              |
 |                              |
 |                              |
 |                              |
 |        [Swirl here]          |
 |                              |
 |                              |
 |                              |
 |                              |
 | Starting J Random Server ... |

It would probably be a bad thing if this used svgalib, requiring the movement
of lots of svgalib stuff to /lib from /usr/lib, the correct way to do it would
be using framebuffers. In case like this one start-stop-daemon would have to
know whether the machine was booting or whether it was an individual daemon
being started, like after a package upgrade. I suppose it could be written to
try and comunicate with the boot logo program, and if it not running display
the message normally.

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