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Release status

Potato still needs work on these points:

  - Bugs.  The number of release-critical bugs is over 200 and growing.
  - Bootdisks.  They have to cope with the larger 2.2 kernels, and I
    don't know if powerpc bootdisks are ready yet.
  - Glibc 2.1.  m68k is still at glibc 2.0.  We still have packages that
    don't compile with glibc 2.1, but that may be subsumed under "Bugs".
  - perl 5.005 adjustments.

The other goals have been realized, or are nearing completion.

Some people have mentined FHS compliance, but as far as I know that was
never a goal for potato.  We'll produce hybrid systems until we can
produce a fully FHS compliant system.

I'll be away for about a week, so I won't be able to respond until then.

Richard Braakman

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