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Re: September Release?

At 04:22 PM 7/12/99 -0700, David Bristel wrote:
>Doesn't it stand to reason that we COULD freeze today?  A freeze doesn't mean
>bugs don't get fixed, as we well know.  The conversion of perl modules and
>would continue.  Are there really that many "features" which arn't already in
>potato(even if they are buggy)?  Freeze to me means "feature freeze", as I'm
>sure it means to most people.  Sure it's still buggy, sure it's not ready for
>release candidates, but can we freeze today?  Sure.
>							Dave Bristel

One thing that would nice is gcc 2.95, which is 5 days past its release
date*. And Brandon seems to think that he can fit X 4.0 in this cycles,
which would be nice.

* Which will immediately add release-critical bugs to kernel packages to
the effect of "add -fno-strict-aliasing or bad things will happen.", which
will be pain, but not sufficent to stop it from going in to Potato. 

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org (alternately dvdeug@hotmail.com)
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