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Re: Please check my translation

On 11-Jul-99, 19:25 (CDT), Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp> wrote: 
> From: Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu>
> > This is fine, but e2ps should use the libpaper package to determine the
> > default paper size on the system.  It saves everyone a lot of headaches.
> This may be too difficult for me.

If e2ps uses the "standard" (? - not sure where the names come from) names
(letter, a4, etc.), it lookes like the code that sets the default
(which probably looks something like

	if ( <-P not specified>) {
		psize = "a4";

can be replaced with

	#include <paper.h>


	if ( <-P not specified>) {
		psize = systempapersize();

Install libpaperg and checkout the /usr/doc/libpaperg/examples directory.

> > >     -date string              : date(current time:Jun 29 1999 14:26:40)
> >     -date string              : date (current date and time)
> (snip)
> I will take your advices above but please note that in a field
> "date(current time:Jun 29 1999 14:26:40)" a part
> "Jun 29 1999 14:26:40" is real current date and time, that is
> this part changes as you run "e2ps -h".
> For example I do "e2ps -h" now then it displays like
>     -date string              : date(current time:Jul 12 1999 09:04:56)
> Isn't it good ?

Clever. Distracting and confusing, but clever. Not to mention wrong
(because the time will have changed when I actually run e2ps).

Please consider going with Branden's suggestion. If I want to know the
date/time, I'll run 'date'.


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