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Re: Please check my translation

From: Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu>
Subject: Re: Please check my translation
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 11:05:08 -0400

> > * Do you see the meaning of "landscape 2x1" etc. easily ?
> That could probably clarified.  I suggest appending "h" for "height" and
> "w" for width.  Thus, if -l2 gives me a piece of paper in landscape
> orientation with two pages side-by-side, I'd say
>     -l2                       : landscape 2w x 1h

I can understand your argument but it is very confusing for me
to say which is height and width especially in landscape mode.

For example "-l2" option gives us two landscape virtual pages
(with long width and short(low?) height) from top to bottom on a paper
with short width and long(high?) height (i.e. portrait oriented paper).

Is this landscape 1w x 2h ???
(I am afraid you can not understand my explanation ...)

> Also, in all cases I would add a space before the left parentheses; that
> looks less cluttered.

Okay, I see your point.

> Just as a consistency note, in the Usage section, the options are named
> -abifont, -kfont, -kbifont, etc.  I would use the name option names in both
> places 

Yes, short style "-abif" etc. are real option and long style "-abifont"
etc. are typos. I will fix them in Usage section.

> >     -nl nlrate                : line width(1.1)
> I don't understand how "nlrate" relates to the width of line.  Also, if
> this option means what I think it does, it might better be called "-lw".
> > * I wish to mean "space between two lines (not absolute value but ratio)" 
> >   with "line width" but it seems wrong ...
> Oh, you mean inter-line space.  E.g., single-spaced, double-spaced, etc.
> How about this:
>     -ls ratio                : spacing between lines (1.1)

A part of "-nl nlrate" is of original so it depends on the author
but I will contact with him later. I will fix a part 
"spacing between lines (1.1)"

> 1.1 is an interesting default.  I would think 1.0 would be the default.

On this poit I think in a same way as Steve Greenland pointed out
in his reply.

> >     -line line                : maximum line numbers(66)
> maximum number of lines per page (66)

I see and fix this.

> This is fine, but e2ps should use the libpaper package to determine the
> default paper size on the system.  It saves everyone a lot of headaches.

This may be too difficult for me.

> >     -Pprinter                 : printer(papyrus)
> Papyrus is a word with very specific meaning, referring to a paper-like
> substance that is (I believe) made from woven reeds (as opposed to normal
> paper, which is made from wood pulp).

Papyrus is very famous in Japan too because it is taught in a school
as a first paper which human beings used.

> If the -P option means what it does in tools like enscript and lp, this
> should have no hard-coded default at all.  It's up to the print spooler on
> the system to determine the default printer.

I see but I think it may be needed to check source and to modify
some part of it.

> >     -date string              : date(current time:Jun 29 1999 14:26:40)
>     -date string              : date (current date and time)
>      -page string              : prepend page number with string ("Page")

I will take your advices above but please note that in a field
"date(current time:Jun 29 1999 14:26:40)" a part
"Jun 29 1999 14:26:40" is real current date and time, that is
this part changes as you run "e2ps -h".

For example I do "e2ps -h" now then it displays like

    -date string              : date(current time:Jul 12 1999 09:04:56)

Isn't it good ?

> Is there a header by default?  What is it?  The filename?  If so, the -head
> option should say:
>   -head string              : use string as page header (filename)

There is a header by default. It consists of "date and time", "file name"
and "page number". I will fix "-head string" section.

> There should also be a way to turn off page numbering, and to specify a
> null string as the page number prefix.

I will try to contact with the author about this issue.

Thanks for your advices and also thanks all who advised me
by personal e-mail.

 Debian JP Developer - much more I18N of Debian
 Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp>
 Department of Math., Tokushima Univ.

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