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Re: On names of people (was: Re: Please check my translation)

	Three words for family names are not enough in some cases.

	In Spanish we have names like Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona,
where the family name is "Gonzalez Barahona" (Gonzalez being usually the first 
family name of the father and Barahona being usually the first family
name of the mother). And even more "complex" things, like Pedro de las 
Heras Quiros, being "de las Heras Quiros" the family name. I have even 
a friend whose family name is "Lopez de los Ronderos Diaz" (although
this length is unusual).

	I suggest moving to one of the ways of specification of names
used in BibTeX: "Family Name, First Name".

	That way, I'm "Gonzalez Barahona, Jesus M."
	I guess it is not too eurocentric, and it works with all names 
I've found until the present moment... In this case, the family name
can be just a string (of enough length).

	Just my 0.02 euro....


PS: I agree with the opinion that usually just telling people the right
way to call you when they are mistaken is enough. But some times I get 
so tired of telling people that I'm not Mr. Barahona that I use
Gonzalez-Barahona when there is a non-Spanish audience... (which makes
my father a bit happier ;-) ).

James A. Treacy writes:
 > On Sun, Jul 11, 1999 at 12:57:08AM -0400, Buddha Buck wrote:
 > > 
 > > Perhaps it would be better to treat the given and family names 
 > > separately?  After all, it is a eurocentric assumption that the family 
 > > name is last.
 > > 
 > As Jason reported, they are handled separately in the developer db. 
 > It will take some time to switch the current scripts to use it.
 > The problem with the current setup is the names are grabbed out
 > of the Packages files. In order to sort the names, an assumption
 > has to be made about how the names are listed. It actually does
 > quite a good job with multi-part last names, e.g. van Buren,
 > but there isn't a good way to determine when a name is listed
 > last name first.
 > Whenever someone has complained about their listing, it has been
 > hard coded into the scripts the way they want it.
 > Jay Treacy
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