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Re: storm linux

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> It's also worth noting that the guy behind Storm is R. Garth Wood, who has
> been active on this list for a few months. I hope that we can integrate
> stuff from Storm back into our install process, it is a pretty big step
> forward (and a step back in some ways..).

I grabbed the iso image, burned it to a CDR.  After reboot, I was left
with a system that had neither apt, xserver-base, nor xdm installed
(hence xserver-svga was unconfigured.)  Also netscape wouldn't
configure because netscape-base-46 wasn't installed.

Also, the storm-kdm package wouldn't configure.  A line was commented
out in the middle of an if/then statement causing a syntax error (bash
doesn't like if statements with an empty body).


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