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Re: storm linux

Joey Hess wrote:
> At this point, it failed to detect the scsi controller it had found fine
> before, and didn't boot. So I can't say what it's like once installed. I'll
> try again and follow up on this.

Ok, I tossed in a debian rescue disk and fixed their kernel.

When you boot up after the install, you are quickly tossed into a dpkg
--pending --configure. All the packages that were installed before now get
configured. Just like normal debian. They have modified any packages that
asked questions at this time so they don't. Then you're dumped into xdm.

/etc/apt/sources.list has:

deb ftp://ftp.stormix.com/debian slink main contrib
deb ftp://ftp.stormix.com/storm rain main contrib

The former seems to be a nortmal debian mirror, the latter contains 4 types
of packages:

* third party .deb's from elsewhere (kde)
* updated packages (like a newer debhelper)
* modified packages that don't pronmt on install. All of these seem to have
  their names prefixed with storm-, and there are only 5. For example,
  storm-sendmail.deb is sendmail with the call to sendmailconfig in the
  postinst commented out.
* storm-specific packages, sad.deb, shs-{bridges,doc,detectors}.deb

It's also worth noting that the guy behind Storm is R. Garth Wood, who has
been active on this list for a few months. I hope that we can integrate
stuff from Storm back into our install process, it is a pretty big step
forward (and a step back in some ways..).

see shy jo

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