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storm linux

In case you didn't see /., it is based on debian. I burnt a cd of it and
installed. The install process goes like this:

* Starts with a boot prompt (lilo I think), with a big colorful login banner.
* Boots up into a menu. It tries to detect your mouse, this presumably
  succeeds if you have a normal serial mouse. I had to back up a step and
  tell it to autodetect my pcmcia mouse and move the mouse around for it to
  detect it.
* Auto-detects your cd drive, and monitor and video card. Did a good job here.
* Asks if you want to go into graphical mode. If so, it starts up icewm with
  a pretty background (see the screenshots on their web site). If not, it
  does all the following steps in a text based ui. They've abstracted things
  so the same backend is used for each.
* Goes through partitioning, timezone selection, etc.
* Presents a short list of groups of packages they you can chose to install.
* Installs them non-interactively, with two progress bars and a time
  remaining display. It seems to skip configuring the packages, they arn't
  allowed to ask any questions.
* Reboots.

At this point, it failed to detect the scsi controller it had found fine
before, and didn't boot. So I can't say what it's like once installed. I'll
try again and follow up on this.

It's not as slick as the new caldera install, though I'd say it was heavily
influenced by it.

see shy jo

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