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policy regarding binary-only packages?


I've written a utility which I've converted into a package.
It's a decoder for the Goth Code, one of the sig codes.

Eventually, I'll be releasing the source code, but, I want to
make sure that all the important bits are cleaner and better
structured before it goes open-source. I'm still a bit of a novice
programmer and I don't want to be laughed at *just* yet ;).
The eventual aim is for it to decode all versions of Goth
Code out there (it currently handles v1.0 and '98 (v4.0), the cleaner
and more modularised it is, the easier it should be for others to add
support for other versions.

The next release or two will still be i386-only binary.
But, as I've already created a .deb and made it available,
I thought it'd be nice if it were available through the
Debian site.

I'm still yet to decide what licensing I'll use, so it's still
basic Copyright, I guess. It's free in the price sense of the

Anyhow, it's at http://it.net.au/~pc/software/gcd/ if you're
curious. I'd be interested in your suggestions as to whether
it has a place in the Debian distribution, and if so, where.
(Well, I've classed it as a game, but, I mean: free, non-free,
yadda yadda).


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