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Re: policy regarding binary-only packages?

Peter Caffin wrote:
> I'm still yet to decide what licensing I'll use, so it's still
> basic Copyright, I guess. It's free in the price sense of the
> word.

You contradict yourself here.  If you give no license, then it's
not free in any sense, unless you make the copies yourself.  Debian
needs at least permission to distribute it at no cost, to include
it in non-free.

> Anyhow, it's at http://it.net.au/~pc/software/gcd/ if you're
> curious. I'd be interested in your suggestions as to whether
> it has a place in the Debian distribution, and if so, where.
> (Well, I've classed it as a game, but, I mean: free, non-free,
> yadda yadda).

A binary-only package is non-free.  It cannot be part of the Debian
distribution unless it is free according to our Guidelines, but a
Debian developer may wish to package it for the non-free section.

Richard Braakman

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