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Re: Postfix as default MTA?

>>>Alexander Koch wrote:
 > On Mon, 5 July 1999 13:36:45 +0200, Marco d'Itri wrote:
 > > On Jul 05, Christoph Lameter <christoph@lameter.com> wrote:
 > >  >> Read the docs. It is /designed/ to be secure and fast.
 > >  >> Exim is not.
 > >  >Huh? Exim is not designed to be secure etc? How did you conclude that?
 > > The author wrote that.
 > And you wrote something about trolling some mails earlier.
 > *giggle* No, I will not take you serious, no worries.

On the Exim web-page, in the docuentaion under security i stands:

: Exim is written as a single binary that has to run `setuid' to root. I did
: start off trying to write it as a number of different modules, but soon came
: to the conclusion that, for this type of mailer, it was not worth it, because
: the functions don't decompose cleanly. For example, if you want to verify
: addresses while receiving mail you need all the directing and routing
: apparatus to be available. 

I can only interitate that he made a trade-off between security and ease of
coding. Not setting security in the first place. But if you think different
it's your way. In this i don't say that Exim in in any way insecure. The
difference is that Wietse has put his deep knowlege and experienc into
desinging something that almost eliminates all security problems already in
the design. He has after that done a good work in implementing it.

The so far only "security" think that has been argumented againt postfix id
that a local user might get the possibility so slowdown mail dilivery. (That
may be done in a loot of other ways by just trying to slow down the host
instead. (as opeing a loot of netconnections etc, or filling the network with

/ Balp

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