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Re: Postfix as default MTA?

>>>Christoph Lameter wrote:
 > > In the evolution of MTAs postfix and qmail are the next generation
 > > and we should switch over (Or are you still using MVS or CPM ? )
 > AFAIK both mailers are not GPLed and thus are affiliated with the stone
 > age for me.

QMail is non free, and i.m.h.o. badly comented.

Postfix has IBM Public Licencs, that is as least as free as GPL. (Sutanly
DFSG). Wietse would (probably) like to see a removal of the source code
statment so that the program may have easier to be accepted as standard MTA
for several comersical operationg systems.

 > uhhh. Can I see some realistic benchmarks? And please only mailers that
 > are DFSG free and can go into main. 

There are some benchmarks on Wietse web-site, some has been pobliced on the
maling list. I'm trying to get the time to do a large test of MTA's someday.
(And next time before writing stupid comments on DFSG free look at the current
licence for the packet...)

/ Balp

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