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Re: Postfix as default MTA?

On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, Florian Lohoff wrote:

> The whole discussions seems to be between those who tried postfix
> and would love to see it as THE default MTA and those who never
> ever tried postfix and arguing for status QUO ...
> In the evolution of MTAs postfix and qmail are the next generation
> and we should switch over (Or are you still using MVS or CPM ? )

AFAIK both mailers are not GPLed and thus are affiliated with the stone
age for me.

> I am arguing pro postfix because i tried a lot MTAs and did NOT switch
> from sendmail (which is partially horrible) because all the MTAs had
> some very anoying side effects, no support for uucp and were 
> configured worse than sendmail. 

uucp? next generation MTAs? Yes uucp is the way of the future!

> Postfix combines the speed of qmail (Which is much faster than
> exim, smail sendmail and many other monolithic MTAs) the security
> of half a meter air and the easy configurability of my phone.

uhhh. Can I see some realistic benchmarks? And please only mailers that
are DFSG free and can go into main. 

> Enough discussion - try it ...

I dont know what there could be left to discuss. 

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