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Re: Postfix as default MTA?

>>>"Steve Lamb" wrote:
 >     This proves, what?  I could write an MTA and say in the docs it is
 > designed to be secure and fast, that doesn't mean the final product will turn
 > out either secure or fast.

Postfix har been hard filedtested by Wietse Venema, and a loot of alpa testers
from a couple of years (first under the name of VMailer), it has then been
tested by a larger audience for about 7 months. No serius security prolmes has
arriced so far with the code. Wietse is also know to be one of the better
coders in the world, at least if you value security. His ealier projects,
tcpwrappers, satan etc. hade made large inpact on the security of the
computing world. I guess if you augth to belevy any person talikng about
security in computing it should probably be Wietse.

/ Balp

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