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Re: ITP: whois-ripe

On Sat, 3 July 1999 10:50:01 +0200, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Jul 02,  Georg Bauer <gb@hugo.westfalen.de> wrote:
>  >Whois-ripe is a special version of the standard whois client that adds
>  >several options to access additional features of the RIPE whois database.
> I already packaged it, it is in potato with standard priority.

Ever thought of making the default server whois.ripe.net instead
of whois.internic.net since it *is* the ripe whois client? If not
that, please make it whois.thur.de.

I do not need the ripe whois client for the sucky internic db.
Oh, the wonders of "whois -i admin-c argh-ripe" ;-) that will not
in a hundred years work with any internic crab...

Just a thought.


Alexander Koch - <>< - WWJD - aka Efraim - PGP 0xE7694969 - ARGH-RIPE

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