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Re: Postfix as default MTA?

In article <19990629015903.E19002@mini.gt.owl.de>, Florian Lohoff
<flo@rfc822.org> wrote:

>Believe it - Its much easier ... Its all plaintext with self-complaining
>"variable" names. Default settings are usable at 95% of the machines.

Where is the difference to Exim? It's all plaintext with self-complaining
variable names, too. Actually most of what I read as the big "features"
and "benefits" of Postfix are things I use on Exim since the first day
(like having Envelope-To: for POP-3 boxes, header-regexp-checking for
spam-blocking in global filters, building pipe-transports for things like
uucp-connectivity or other things ..). Tell me something new.

And about security: sorry, it _sounds_ more secure, but if it really is,
has to be proven in the field. Let's watch Postfix for some time in the
field and see if it grows up to the expectations put into it.

bye, Georg


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