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Re: Postfix as default MTA?

On 30-Jun-99, 02:30 (CDT), Kai Henningsen <kaih@khms.westfalen.de> wrote: 
> morpheus@rpglink.com (Steve Lamb)  wrote on 28.06.99 in <E10ygjL-0003PY-00@rpglink.com>:
> >     Exim's configuration is quite simple.  The docs just suck.
> Exim docs are among the best I have ever seen, thank you very much. The  
> info version is just about the only info doc on my systems I actually  
> like, and the only big one I can easily find stuff in.

I suspect that the exim docs are very good reference material, but they
are not too good as a tutorial for the beginning user, even one who is
fairly Unix literate but has little or no mail experience. For example,
it has all kinds of info on the options for routers, directors, and
transports, and I've read the preliminary section ("How Exim Delivers
Mail") a few times, but every time I look at the conf file my eyes start
to glaze over. Maybe I haven't invested enough time, or maybe I'm just
stupid. Anyway, I can easily see why some people would think that the
docs aren't good, and others would think they were great. Much like I
think the Harbison and Steele "C: A Reference Manual" is a great book,
but I would never give it to a someone just starting to learn C. (Or at
least not as the only book...)


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