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Re: Postfix as default MTA?

In article <19990629164048.262B552080@laurana.arnholm.nu>, Anders Arnholm
<anders@arnholm.nu> wrote:

>better over the whole scope, from my 386sx16/4mb (mail.arnholm.nu) realy large
>ISP's, maillist servers. I don't think Exim could do the same think even thou
>being one of the better choises in the low end.

Oh, it sure can. I use it on my own little router, that lived as a 386/25
at first and was "upgraded" through a 486SLC/25 to a blazingly speedy
486/66 now - and due to many mailinglists (a lot of the having this funny
"debian" thing in their name, others with things like "kernel" or "bug" in
it), the traffic on that low-end machine isn't low-end.

And I use it on high-end hardware at work for a company that seems to do
mostly email sending, if I look at the log files. Especially file
transfers by mail and almost-realtime-communication by mail seem to be one
thing that we sell - at least my cow-orkers are testing those a lot ...

And Exim is easily configured, has decent documentation (I would wish that
more packages give you that much documentation as exim does). It's has all
needed features in the "new" ugly days of internet (spam-blocking
mechanisms, anti-relaying configuration that's so easy that anybody should
get it going, just to name two). And what I really like: it's features are
almost orthogonal. If you can put a string parameter somewhere, you can
put a lookup there, too. And you can put _any_ kind of lookup there. If
you can put a list of things to be matched against, you can put any
possible way of matching there - even regexps, if you match strings. It
has the right hooks to do really weird things to your mail, if you need
to, and it has usefull defaults to start with a simple config file, if you
don't want to put too much hassles in building up a mail system.

It's definitely not perfect, but it comes damn close to a software that is
as much unsucky as a piece of software can. I would be highly interested
in what Postfix adds to the features of Exim that makes it better suited
for the kind of use that Exim is used for.

bye, Georg


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