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Re: Intent to package: docbook-to-man-ans


I was planning to package docbook2X which contains a docbook2texi as
well as a docbook2roff converter.  I'm wondering what the differences
between these two 'docbook2roff' converters are.  I though think we
can both continue to package.  If the need arises we can always pull
one of them back.


"W. Borgert" wrote:
> Hi,
> I already have packaged and lintianized this package.
> Expect an upload now.  If someone else already did this, I
> will remove my package.
> Description: Converter from DocBook SGML into roff -man macros.
>  The docbook-to-man tool is a batch converter that transforms
>  UNIX-style manpages from the DocBook SGML DTD into nroff/troff -man
>  macros.  This is not the original version by Fred Dalrymple, but
>  one with the ANS Modifications by David Bolen (db3l@ans.net).

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