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Re: tkpaint package (Re: Packages to give away)

Victor Wagner wrote:
> > Here is the current list of packages that I want to give
> > away:
> > 
> >  . tkpaint
> > 
> > [1] I will request to remove this package before potato is frozen
> >     if nobody wants to maintain it.
> > 
> I would suggest to remove tkpaint in its current form immediately.
> Or at least move it to contrib. I cannot name other so improperly packaged
> program in debian.

It will only be moved into contrib if it depends on non-free/non-US

> 1. tkpaint should depend on tk8.0 rather then wish, becouse tkpaint
> wouldn't work with pre-8.0 tk. 

Ack.  My fault apparently.

> 2. tkpaint should at least suggest, or even reccomend postscript-viewer,
>    becouse otherwise it woulnd't be able to print pictures.

Good argument.

> 3. Really, there is no appropriate version of tk to run tkpaint in debian,
>     becouse tk wuthout dash-patch is not able to save images into
>     postscript. Also, font handling in tk 8.0 doesn't work with non-Latin1
>     fonts. So, for people which use some other encoding, tk 8.1 is needed.

The program works fine without saving into postscript.  This is still a
bug, but the program is usable.  Apart from that, could the dash-patch be
included into our tk versions?

> 4. Current version of tkpaint is packaged from original windows version
>   rather then from Unix port which features standard autoconf configuratiion
>  script and makes use of tcl autoloading  mechanism. 
>  See http://www.ice.ru/~vitus/misc/tkpaint.html

Nice to hear!  When I was working on it the author was only able to provide
me with the windows version - *drums* and it worked under Unix as well.

I'll compile your mail into a bug report.



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