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Re: tkpaint package (Re: Packages to give away)

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Martin Schulze wrote:

> It will only be moved into contrib if it depends on non-free/non-US
> software.
Policy also permits to move there programs  which are too bugggy.
> Good argument.
> > 3. Really, there is no appropriate version of tk to run tkpaint in debian,
> >     becouse tk wuthout dash-patch is not able to save images into
> >     postscript. Also, font handling in tk 8.0 doesn't work with non-Latin1
> >     fonts. So, for people which use some other encoding, tk 8.1 is needed.
> The program works fine without saving into postscript.  This is still a
> bug, but the program is usable.  Apart from that, could the dash-patch be

Usable for what? Why should one need drawing program, which doesn't allow
neither print nor  convert to gif for publishing on web (For later, Img
extension is neccesary, and it is not packaged yet)
> included into our tk versions?

As far, as I'm aware, there is no patent or licensing issues with dash
patch. Appearantly too few people use Tk for real graphics, so there was
not enough demand to include dash-patch into Tcl core or at least debian
packages. I've asked David to do so, but..

There was some issues with Img extension, which is one of "must have"
extensions for Tk along with tkTable and expect, becouse it contains gif
coder, but recent versions use free RLE coder.
> > 4. Current version of tkpaint is packaged from original windows version
> >   rather then from Unix port which features standard autoconf configuratiion
> >  script and makes use of tcl autoloading  mechanism. 
> >  See http://www.ice.ru/~vitus/misc/tkpaint.html
> Nice to hear!  When I was working on it the author was only able to provide
> me with the windows version - *drums* and it worked under Unix as well.

There still is one subtle issue - my configure script attempts to find
which postscript viewer is installed and adds variable PS_VIEWER at the
top of tkpaint script. I haven't yet invented a good way to do so in
postinst such way that it would survive subsequent change of ghostview to 
gv. Somebody have suggested to use "see application/postscript"
instead, but now only executable name can be stored in this vriable,
not shell command with arguments.

> I'll compile your mail into a bug report.
> Regards,
> 	Joey

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