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Re: Report on Linuxtag '99

> On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 03:01:38AM +0200, Christian Meder wrote:
> > Corrections and followups welcome.  
> Correction from Oliver Zendel from the Unix-AG Kaiserslautern:
> IBM _had_ a 28 m^2 booth at the Linuxtag. 
> Actually now I seem to remember their presence too ;-)
> Probably I forgot about their booth because IMHO, like most of the big names, 
> their presentation wasn't particularly impressive. The difference between
> the Debian booth and the commercial big names mainly consisted of a lack of
> ties and professionally printed material. They definitly didn't shine wrt
> interesting Linux demos.

I have to disagree here. IBM (Dr. Porta) gave also a presentation in the 
industry track. It was the best and most visited presentation I saw in this 
track. He had a very good background (quoting slashdot several times) and 
giving links to the latest opensource alpha, beta, and released software from 
IBM (and people were writting down the links, i.e. they must have been of 
interest). At the end people applauded more than at _any_ other presentation I 
saw. Really impressive!

A second interesting invent was a panel session (~400 people in the audience) 
with representatives of government instituions, microsoft and a German linux 
support company (ID-pro). Main topic was the (not public!) agreement between 
Microsoft and the local government about the use of Microsoft products in 
schools and government administration. It was not to pleasant for the 
government representative, who outed himself with comments like "We do not 
have to pay money, so we take the offer without further investigations". At 
the final end he got a linux CE in front of an applauding crowed of linux 

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