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Packages to give away

Here is the current list of packages that I want to give

 . rman
 . xarclock
 . staroffice-installer[1]
 . All mSQL stuff[2]
   msql, msqld, libmsql1, libmsql2, msql-doc, w3-msql, msqlperl, dbf2msql and dbf2pg, Xsqlmenu
 . sc
 . xsnow
 . xarchie
 . jester
 . tkpaint

If somebody can prove me that he would be a better maintainer I
would hand over these packages.  I need to trust the new maintainer
so I might keep them:

 . hypermail
 . super
 . nn

[1] I will request to remove this package before potato is frozen
    if nobody wants to maintain it.

[2] I will request to remove the whole mSQL stuff if nobody wants
    to work on it within the next few months.

    Speaking of dbf2pg the package will be remove to provide the
    PostgreSQL version only.

If you are interested in one or more of these package, please contact
me *privately*.  I can provide a cvs repository for each package.



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