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Re: Intent to package: libgimp-perl [Re: Gimp perl scripts for Debian buttons]


it's kind of "Off topic" here but may be you could help me:
I tried three times to get an answer from the gimp lists how
to write a gimp batch script, because I couldn't get the example
from the Gimp Manual (GUM) work.  Unfortunately I never got
any answer (the list seems to have very low traffic).

My question is now if the perl library could help me.  I wanted
to load an image scale it to certain dimensions and save it in
a batch script (without any display).  I didn't find a way to
do it via `gimp -b` but could the library possibly help me for
that task.  The job should be done from a perl script anyway so
the use of Perl would be welcome.

Kind regards


PS: By the way: I'm a very beginner in term s of Perl and Gimp ...

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