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Re: Intent to package: libgimp-perl [Re: Gimp perl scripts for Debian buttons]

On Mon, Jun 14, 1999 at 12:07:17PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> My question is now if the perl library could help me.  I wanted
> to load an image scale it to certain dimensions and save it in
> a batch script (without any display).  I didn't find a way to
> do it via `gimp -b` but could the library possibly help me for
> that task.  The job should be done from a perl script anyway so
> the use of Perl would be welcome.

Yes, it is possible.  Craig Small, who wrote the original Gimp perl
scripts, taught me in his scripts.  :-)  The script was probably
written for an earlier version of Gimp, but some Gimp's function
syntax has changed a tiny bit, so the attached one has been
adapted to work with Gimp 1.1.5.

This is the command:

   gimp --no-interface --no-data --batch '(extension-perl-server 0 0 0)' &

I am a complete newbie in Gimp scripting too.  Craig Small (the Debian
developer) is the guru.  If you have any more difficult questions, ask him.
:-)  Also, you might be able to get help (if you are lucky) on #gimp
on irc.gimp.org.  :-)



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Attachment: debbar.pl
Description: Perl program


# This script makes the Debian buttons, it is often a good idea
# to have gimp perl up and running so it is a lot faster.
# Uncomment this line to run the server
# gimp --no-interface --no-data --batch '(extension-perl-server 0 0 0)' &
# TRANSLATORS, Edit the stuff in ""s
ABOUT_TEXT="About Debian"

# Dont' edit below this line
./debbar.pl -words "${HOME_TEXT}" -o ${cwd}/home.gif
./debbar.pl -words "${ABOUT_TEXT}" -o ${cwd}/about.gif
./debbar.pl -words "${NEWS_TEXT}" -o ${cwd}/news.gif
./debbar.pl -words "${DISTRIB_TEXT}" -o ${cwd}/distrib.gif
./debbar.pl -words "${SUPPORT_TEXT}" -o ${cwd}/support.gif
./debbar.pl -words "${DEVEL_TEXT}" -o ${cwd}/devel.gif
./debbar.pl -words "${SEARCH_TEXT}" -o ${cwd}/search.gif

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