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The Ugly Logo and the Consequences

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Now, what *will* happen when someone uses the `Official' (and very
beautiful!) logo in a context where only the `Open Use' (and almost
ugly) logo is allowed?

Really, I rarely seen something as stupid as this two logo idea (yes,
I kept my quiet until now... for two reasons: a) I'm not a developer,
so I ain't really got any say in this anyway, and b) I didn't expect
the two versions be as different (in beauty) as they now are).

And I'm even slightly annoyed with the whole concept of the `Official'
logo: AFAICS, it's mostly for people selling Debian stuff... and most
of those are pretty much parasites of the whole process.

Ouch, I guess them's fighting words... but from time to time I really
have the (uneasy) feeling that Debian is a little too concerned with
the well-being of the commercial (re-)distributors...

Bye, J

PS: Flame away... ;-)

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