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Re: The Ugly Logo and the Consequences

On Sun, Jun 06, 1999 at 06:47:21AM +0200, Juergen A. Erhard wrote:

> Ouch, I guess them's fighting words... but from time to time I really
> have the (uneasy) feeling that Debian is a little too concerned with
> the well-being of the commercial (re-)distributors...

i don't think that's true at all. yes, there is a slightly uneasy
balance...but most of us do want CD distributors (commercial or
otherwise) to distribute our work.

so, we make it easier for people to make debian CDs (for profit or
not)...but unless they are developers and contribute to debian, they
don't get any more say than any other debian user. if they become a
developer then they get a vote along with the rest of us.

most of us just want the best distribution to be in widespread use :),
very few of us even care that others make money from our work while we
don't - if there was money involved, it would become work rather than

the whole official vs non-official thing is so that we have control over
what is done in our name - we've been bitten several times before by
CD manufacturers who completely screwed up by releasing a pre-release
version, or just botching the job of making a debian CD that actually
works. one vendor in particular seems to do this every time (although
it's been a few releases since i last checked...i gave up on them

we solved these problems by coming up with an "official" CD image - you
can only call your CD "Debian" (and use the official logo) if you copy
that image exactly.


craig sanders

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