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Re: libc6-dev and "-pedantic -O" warnings

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Shawn Yarbrough wrote:

> I agree with this completely... what I mean is, we should be able to
> compile in strict ANSI mode even if we call functions which are not
> defined in ANSI/ISO C.  Obviously networking of any kind is undefined
> under ANSI/ISO, but it's quite useful to be able to write a program that
> is 100% ANSI/ISO C, excepting the particular calls to socket() and

How is this done in a practical manner?  When I use egcs with "-Wall
-pedantic ..." I normally receive many warning from third party header
files even when my code is clean.  It makes it nearly impossible to
use this level of checking.

What I would like is a facility similiar to Gimpel's flexelint where
you can tell the compiler to check your own code rigiourously but not
third party header files.  Is there any way to do this with egcs?

Jean Pierre

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