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Re: German Dictionary once more

Andreas Tille schrieb am Freitag, den 04. Juni 1999:

> > BTW: What's the "optimal" name of this German-English dictionary
> > package ("ger-eng" doesn't sound optimal for me, maybe I should
> > rename this to "wgerman-english" or "wgerman2englisch" or
> > "dgerman-english"?)

> No problem with the short name ger-eng.

I compared this with the way the ispell dictionaries (igerman,
iamerican,...) and the wordlists (wgerman, wfrench,...) are named.
IMHO we should find a generic way to name translation dictionaries
like the one above and "ger-eng" isn't a good generic name...

Maybe we should additionally create a virtual package for translation
dictionaries, because "ding" is quite flexible in handling
dictionaries as long as the syntax of the dictionary is something like
The names of the two languages are configurable in your local
~/.dingrc as well as the <separator> and the location of the
dictionary is.

So if there are some other translation word lists for other languages
available, they could be used with ding. It would be nice to have
something like this for the package names then:


All of them providing a virtual package translation-dictionary or
something like this. My English is not so good, maybe there is a
different word for a dictionary for translation between two languages?

> Longer names are sometimes not fully displayed in dselect and the
> short name says all.

The above variant with d<lang1>-<lang2> should be short enough to be

> > and where should I place this in the file system (FSSTND and FHS
> > tell me that /usr/dict (FSSTND) respectively /usr/share/dict (FHS)
> > should contain word lists only, but is the above dictionary a word
> > list? It consists of plain ASCII/Latin1 text lines with the
> > following syntax: German word :: English word).

> When I packaged WordNet I was suggested to place the database under
> /usr/share/wordnet. I personally dislike this idea but it has
> advantages. After this scheme you could place it under
> /usr/share/ger-eng but this is my personal opinion and I'm not very
> familiar with FHS.

WordNet seems to be a closed package, where other programs won't reuse 
the files, so this is no problem here.
But the German-English word list is only a word list, which can be
reused by different programs, so /usr/share/ding doesn't sound like a
good idea for me. I would expect to find such a word list in
/usr/share/dict, but the FHS 2.0 tells me:

| 4.8.1  /usr/share/dict : Word lists
| Recommended files for /usr/share/dict:
| { words }
| Traditionally this directory contains only the English words file, which
| is used by look(1) and various spelling programs.  words may use either
| American or British spelling.  Sites that require both may link words to
| /usr/share/dict/american-english or /usr/share/dict/british-english.
| Word lists for other languages may be added using the English name for
| that language, e.g., /usr/share/dict/french, /usr/share/dict/danish,
| etc.  These should, if possible, use an ISO 8859 character set which is
| appropriate for the language in question; if possible the Latin1 (ISO
| 8859-1) character set should be used (this is often not possible).
| Other word lists, such as the web2 "dictionary" should be included here,
| if present.
| The reason that only word lists are located here is that they are the
| only files common to all spell checkers.

So I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to place a bilingual translation
word list here. It's nearly as generic as the word lists files are,
but there still is some syntax in translation lists, for example the
separator between the languages and the way phrasese, gender of words
and alternative translations are specified.

BTW: What is the "web2 dictionary"? Never heard about this...
     Maybe this example would match on the translation dictionaries?



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