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Re: German Dictionary once more

Andreas Tille <tille@physik.uni-halle.de> wrote:

> some time ago there was a request for packaging and a longer
> discussion over steak, an English-German dictionary. I stated that I
> would try to package it but I have to admit, that I won't find the
> time to do the job. I really hope that there will be some other
> volunteer because I consider it to be worth packaging and the work
> shouldn't be very hard, if it would be taken "as is".

I personally found "ding", another dictionary program nice Tk
interface, based on the same dictionary like Steak (but without the
duplication of German words, which is needed by Steak).

I intend to package ding soon:

Package: ding
Architecture: all
Depends: tk8.0, ger-eng, glimpse | grep
Description: Dictionary lookup program for Unix
 This is "Ding"
  * a dictionary lookup program for Unix,
  * DIctionary Nice Grep,
  * a Tk based Front-End to [ae]grep,
  * Ding {n} :: thing
 This package needs agrep(1) or egrep(1) as a back end. agrep from the 
 glimpse package is preferable, because it supports fault tolerant

Package: ger-eng
Architecture: all
Suggests: ding
Description: A German-English dictionary
 A German-English dictionary with ca. 110,000 entries.
 This dictionary was designed for the "ding" dictionary lookup
 program, but may be used by other clients, too.

There may be some chance to use the dictionary for Steak, too?

BTW: What's the "optimal" name of this German-English dictionary
package ("ger-eng" doesn't sound optimal for me, maybe I should rename 
this to "wgerman-english" or "wgerman2englisch" or "dgerman-english"?)
and where should I place this in the file system (FSSTND and FHS tell
me that /usr/dict (FSSTND) respectively /usr/share/dict (FHS) should
contain word lists only, but is the above dictionary a word list? It
consists of plain ASCII/Latin1 text lines with the following syntax: 
German word :: English word).



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