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Re: German Dictionary once more

On 4 Jun 1999, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

> I personally found "ding", another dictionary program nice Tk
> interface, based on the same dictionary like Steak (but without the
> duplication of German words, which is needed by Steak).
> I intend to package ding soon:
That's very good news for me!
> There may be some chance to use the dictionary for Steak, too?
For sure yes.  There where some ideas discussed here but ist needs
some work.
> BTW: What's the "optimal" name of this German-English dictionary
> package ("ger-eng" doesn't sound optimal for me, maybe I should rename 
> this to "wgerman-english" or "wgerman2englisch" or "dgerman-english"?)
No problem with the short name ger-eng.  Longer names are sometimes not
fully displayed in dselect and the short name says all.

> and where should I place this in the file system (FSSTND and FHS tell
> me that /usr/dict (FSSTND) respectively /usr/share/dict (FHS) should
> contain word lists only, but is the above dictionary a word list? It
> consists of plain ASCII/Latin1 text lines with the following syntax: 
> German word :: English word).
When I packaged WordNet I was suggested to place the database under
/usr/share/wordnet.  I personally dislike this idea but it has
advantages.  After this scheme you could place it under /usr/share/ger-eng
but this is my personal opinion and I'm not very familiar with FHS.
Kind regards


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