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final version of the new logo needed

Now that we have decided what the new logo will be, we need to create
the final version. Besides creating the final 'picture', a number
of different versions need to be created. In particular, postscript,
jpg, png and (cringe) gif. The non-scalable formats will need a number
of different sizes created. And all that in both color and B+W.
But, please, not every permutation needs to be created.

Once this is done, it can all go into http://www.debian.org/logos/
with the new license and we can get on with the real work of Debian.

BTW, it is possible that someone lurking on debian-www has some graphical
skills, but I don't have any and I'm not sure if Darren is up to
this either. Just stating this so people don't assume we'll take
care of it. :)

When will the new logo be on the web pages? Shortly after a version
around the same size of the existing image is created.

Jay Treacy

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