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Re: technical mail setup question (and a little of what was: calling Philip Hands)

On Thursday 3 June 1999, at 10 h 32, the keyboard of Kevin Turner 
<Kevin.Turner@oberlin.edu> wrote:

> Allan M. Wind has a local LAN, I have a dynamic IP, both of us have the
> problem that the hostname that our local Sendmail is telling our ISP's
> SMTP relays is not a resolvable hostname.  The relay declines to do the
> transaction.  Solution?

The obvious solution is to use UUCP. If your local guru tells you that UUCP is 
complicated to setup or that your ISP needs to support/accept it, fire him and 
use a more knowledgeable guru.

The UUCP configuration for a simple setup is five-six lines of readable text 
and, thanks to UUCP over TCP, your UUCP "provider" can be anywhere on the 
Internet. Dynamic IP addresses are not a problem, you'll just have to find 
other ways to authenticate (by default, UUCP uses TCP-wrappers + a plain text 
password, but you can tunnel it in SSH).

Even my laptop uses UUCP, since it is not always connected and, when it is, it 
is from many different places.

> relay, and what I imagine must be a prevailance of dialup, dynamic-ip
> using users in the linux user base, this must be a *very easy* problem
> to solve upon installation. 

Yes, it is.

> all.  How can we work to make sure this is so?  It's certainly not
> advisable to change the system hostname on every ppp/ip-up (believe

Of course.

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