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Re: PROPOSAL: automatic installation and configuration

> So if /etc/hostname exists you don`t get asked for your real
> hostname. Same with /etc/init.d/network. Some questions are specific
> for one host or for one architecture and must be asked on each host or 
> on each architecture.

If a user wants to supply a preconfigured hostname for a specific host or
architecture its decision should not be questioned. If the config files
contain wrong values it is under his responsability and must be accepted.

But if an automatic installation is choosed and hostname and ip are missing
some default values should be provided automatically by the config scripts,
for example linux.standalone.net and They won't work in a real
network but the installation could proceed automatically as requested and
the user could configure them later.

Alternatively we could define a group of "essential" variables which must
be known by the configure scripts and require that the user provides the
missing values. But these variables should be decided in the policy, not
by individual maitainers.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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