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Re: PROPOSAL: automatic installation and configuration

Massimo Dal Zotto <dz@cs.unitn.it> writes:

> > 
> > The moral is: one needs a method to keep all those configuration files and
> > distribute them. Now, what's the point of storing the answers to the
> > question, if we already store the resulting config files. 
> > 
> > So instead of getting answers to a bunch of questions we should just pull
> > precreated config file. And instead of inventing methods for asking those
> > questions, one better invent a reasonably universal solution for keeping
> > and retrieving at appropriate moments the config files for a site. So that
> > sysadmins don't have to reinvent the wheel in each case.
> Good point. A package could skip the configuration step if a config file is
> already installed. This could avoid most of the configuration questions.
> But also this behavior should be enforced by policy and postinst scripts
> modified. We should also introduce a general way of installing precreated
> config files. 

So if /etc/hostname exists you don`t get asked for your real
hostname. Same with /etc/init.d/network. Some questions are specific
for one host or for one architecture and must be asked on each host or 
on each architecture.

> This still leaves out packages which don't have configs already installed or
> which ask other information or depend on configuration of other packages.
> So we still need a getconfig API.

Yes and we need experience levels and arch types for questions.

May the source be with you.

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