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Re: Easy access to .pot files (translated messages template)

>  > 1) You call them bad translations. I call them a start point.
> You really do not want bad translations.
> Bad translations go in distributions and stays there for years.
> Then the language is polluted with words invented by the translator.

 But that has no relation to where the .pot was taken from. My point is that
it shouldn't be necessary to have the sources, and even if it is, it would
be needed for a few confuse messages. Those messages would be reported as
bugs and would be corrected.
 I'd like to get people more involved in l10n...

>  > The real morale is that nobody really cares about having translated
>  >packages... =)
> I do. I translated all internationalised packages I use and even added
> i18n support to mutt.

 Ok... You do... but sometime in the future we'll need to target to a 100%
of the packages translated... don't you think so? E. g.: 1st target to have
all basic UNIX utilities translated...

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