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Re: Number of developers, keyring map

> I've sent a mail to the GPG list asking for guidance and some more support
> in GPG for this.. It looks like I'll change the field to
>   21BADABBBF24424C/4966F272D093B493410B924B21BADABBBF24424C/1024D
>   6DC580F5C7261095/CBD9F4126807E405CC2D27121DF5E86E/1024R
> or
>   4966F272D093B493410B924B21BADABBBF24424C/1024D
>   CBD9F4126807E405CC2D27121DF5E86E/1024R
> Depending on if the keyID is an important distinguishing mark (the 6d.. 
> number is the untruncated keyID) R indicates it is an RSA key and the D is
> DSA (to prevent attacks across keytypes) 
> Here is an interesting question - For all the signing parties that go on,
> how are the keys ID'd? I'd hope the use the full bizzillion number ID I
> give above, but no tools print the full keyID very easially.

$ gpg --fingerprint --with-colons jdg
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