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Re: ip-{up,down} scripts

On Sat, May 29, 1999 at 10:13:57PM -0500, Remi Lefebvre wrote:
> as stated in the NET-3 HOWTO. If you use
> a modem with a static IP, this IP will most likely _not_ be in these
> ranges as they are reserved for local networks. What we (at least I) 

Actually, I have a counterexample :} When I dial into work, I get a
172.16.*.* address, becuase it's behind the firewall and masqueraded
before going onto the internet.

otoh, I want to synchronise time with work's NTP server, but *not*
send mail queued by exim...

> one does not necessarily have a /etc/hosts but can use bind. Perhaps the
> test should simply be done to see if the address is in the reserved 
> domain.

The test probably ought to be moved to a different file, to make it
clear there's something for the sysadmin to configure what is
considered a local connection and what isn't- I feel that the criteria
may be subject to change a lot...

Steve Haslam               Debian GNU/Linux               araqnid@debian.org
gnome-libs, gnome-core, gnome-control-center, gdm, p3nfs.    what, me worry?

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