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Re: ip-{up,down} scripts

>> "RL" == Remi Lefebvre <remi@debian.org> writes:

RL> I noticed that the ip-{up,down} scripts are runned on _every_ ppp
RL> connections which isn't, in mosts cases, the desired behaviour. 

Hmm, I rather disagree on this. The scripts are specifically there to
be run on every ppp connect/disconnect.

RL> It poses a problem for people like me who connects to the internet
RL> with a modem with pppd and also is on a local network with serial
RL> cables.

What is a local network with serial cables? Looks exotic. Twisted
phonewire on serial ports?

RL> Here's a modification I did to the ip-{up,down} main scripts that
RL> sets a variable that tells the scripts if the connection is local
RL> or not.  It can afterward be used by the packages script to act
RL> consequently.

What about modem users with static IP adresses? They will also be
treated as "local". If you want to control the action in ip-up.d
scripts, the script can check if the remote ip is one to act on.


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