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Re: Old Library dependencies Re: Release Plans (19990513)

Steve Dunham wrote:
> Library dependencies:
>   Remove as many dependencies on old libraries as possible, this
>   includes:
>     libjpegg6a, libncurses3.4, newt0.25, libpgsql, tk4.2, tcl7.6,
>     libwraster1, libpng0g
>   and various older gtk/gnome libraries.

I hesitate to add this as a release goal, except for dependencies
on packages which have been removed or which no longer have source.
For other packages it should be worked on, but it is not critical for potato.

Lintian has a "depends-on-obolete-package" tag.  I will add newt0.25,
libpgsql, tk4.2, tcl7.6, libwraster1, and libpng0g to its list.
This way, the Lintian page for that tag will form a useful index.

Richard Braakman

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