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Re: Release Plans (1999-05-10)

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:
> > We have a long history of overly optimistic freeze dates :-)  I'd like
> > to try something else this time.  I note, though, that if we do manage
> > to freeze on July 1, we'll be able to have a release in time for the
> > Linuxworld Expo in August.  That would be cool.
> I'd like to point out that expecting freeze to be shorter than 10
> weeks is lunacy.  We have 5 architectures now.... Consider that
> archive changes at any point in freeze imply changes in boot floppies
> (well, for anything in base) and in the CD system.

>From freeze to release, one month.  We won't freeze at all until we
have a plan that allows this.  The plan must have room for delays,
and the ripple effects caused by changes.

Richard Braakman

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