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Re: Old Library dependencies Re: Release Plans (19990513)

Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:
>   Remove as many dependencies on old libraries as possible, this
>   includes:
>     libjpegg6a, libncurses3.4, newt0.25, libpgsql, tk4.2, tcl7.6,
>     libwraster1, libpng0g
>   and various older gtk/gnome libraries.

Looking at some of these, it occurs to me that one thing that may
cause this to happen accidentally is when a -dev package includes a
soname---because developers have to take an additional explicit step
to be sure to compile with the new version---as an example, the
existence of libpng0g-dev (rather than libpng-dev) would make it easy
for people to miss the new -dev library.

Should we try and remove sonames from -dev package names?


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