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Re: Release Plans (1999-05-10)

Joel Klecker wrote:
> At 19:06 +0200 1999-05-10, Richard Braakman wrote:
> >  * glibc 2.1 upgrade
> >As far as I know, this project is largely complete.  There are one or two
> >bugs left in the backward compatibility code, and there's the question
> >of what to do with /dev/pts.
> No there isn't, /dev/pts is taken care of.

Hmm... then why isn't it used on my system?  devpts is mounted, I
have /dev/ptmx, but /dev/pts is empty.

> >  * glibc 2.1 source compatibility
> >A larger task is to ensure that all packages still compile on a glibc
> >2.1 development system.  The sparc people may have a list of problem
> >packages.
> Most problems in this area have been fixed by the combined effort of 
> the sparc, arm, and powerpc porters.
> However, many of the patches are sitting in the BTS and have yet to be applied.

That is what I meant, actually.  We should get those patches into the
packages.  The issue was delayed during the slink release, I don't think
we can in good conscience delay it again.  Debian packages should
compile from source!

> >  Potato Architectures:
> >As far as I know it will be the same set as in slink, i.e. i386, m68k,
> >sparc, and alpha.  If any other architectures want to make a release
> >they will have to decide soon.
> powerpc wishes to try for potato.

Excellent.  Would someone like to be a "sponsor" for that, in the sense
that I described last March?

:   * Don't try to keep track of everything.  Find a "sponsor" for each
: release goal, who keeps track of progress, makes sure it happens, and
: gives advance warning of any problems.  That way the release manager
: only has to stay in touch with the sponsor.

Richard Braakman

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