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Re: PROPOSAL: preparation for freezes, release coordination

Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> * Release Critical Bugs
> With respect to fixing release critical bugs, I think there are two
> components to lowering this as a big problem.  The first, as pointed
> out, is to *not* try to cram heavily broken things into unstable just
> prior to freeze, and it just requires a little self-discipline from
> developers.  

I hope to fix this in the long run by having more frequent releases,
so that maintainers are less anxious to get their packages in the
upcoming release.  In the short term... let's just hope :-)

> The second solution for fixing release-critical bugs is a revived and
> healthy Debian QA group.  I believe Joey is trying to revive this, and
> I wish him the best of luck.

I'm following this development with interest, too.  We could use an
active Bug-Hunting team.  (Nobody expects the Bug Inquisition!)
I don't know if the QA team wants to be that, though.  If not,
could we create a separate team for chasing release-critical bugs?

> * Release Coordination
> I propose that we create a new list (argh, yet another list!),
> 'debian-release'.  Next, we ask that representatives from all
> interested teams (including boot-floppies, cd, archive mgmt, porters,
> the QA team, testers, security team) be subscribed to the list.  This
> would be a low-volume list for the increased communication between
> these teams.  The consensus reached on this list must be implemented
> in an prompt fashion, i.e., moving packages into the archive.

I support this idea.  Among other things, it would be an excellent
forum for constructing a step-by-step plan for the release, so that
no details are missed and everything happens in the right order.

Richard Braakman

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