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Re: Corel Setup Design Proposal

On Thu, May 06, 1999 at 04:53:50PM +0100, Robin Stephenson wrote:

> I've got a TGA card... or are we just talking about a Corel Intel
> Debian GNU/Linux distribution here?

That, and *maybe* PPC is where the vast majority of users who want a
nice, friendly install are.  And that is also where Corel's software

> I sort of assumed it would be cross-platform because of the ARM
> product line -- not that this stops the Alpha port from merging the
> useful bits, of course...

The netwinder, *no longer is a Corel product*.  It now belongs to HCC.
And anyway, since it ships with Linux, you don't really need to have
an installer.. Well, actually, we will have to work some way of
wedging Debian on it, but that's another story.

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